It’s our mission to create productive and healthful workspaces. Our workspaces are comfortable and down to earth. We strive to create work environments that allows our community to feel focused and work mindfully. We focus on essentials, so you can join us without breaking your bank.

We deliver productive workspaces for the future.
We help our clients increase healthfulness, team morale, productivity and wellbeing.


We’re here to make bad offices a thing of the past. Our combined backgrounds in real estate, architecture, design and entrepreneurship came together with a crystal clear goal— To change the way Malaysians work, for the better.

We’ll keep working hard to deliver the most healthful, productive and mindful workspaces for everyone.


Be curious.

Listen. Explore. Empathise. Stand in other people’s shoes. Curiosity opens up worlds and possibilities. Curiosity is a key trait for designers and innovators.

Be fearless.

There is always a way to overcome obstacles. Have the courage to dream big and chase after your ambitions. Don’t let obstacles or problems slow you down, or create fear of responsibility. Be fearless and embrace the challenges.

Never assume.

Every time an issue or a problem occurs, it’s always because somebody made a wrong assumption somewhere. Always check your assumptions. hecking assumptions, verification and confirmation – key prerequisites for apredominantly remote team working independently.


Creating Humane Workspaces through Empathy

We empower our community through human-centered design and service. As part of our community, you’ll receive excellent service, and friendly and warm support.

Encouraging a Healthful & Productive Lifestyle through Design

We design our workspaces with users’ wellbeing and healthy work dynamics in mind. Be more engaged and productive in our workspace. We infuse a relaxed, flexible, collaborative vibe in an environment where privacy and personal space for sharing knowledge and aspirations are also valued.

Fostering a Supportive Network in a Close-knit Environment

We’re all cut from the same entrepreneurial, passionate cloth. We’re out to do what we love. When like-minded people meet, great things happen. Join us today and work better, together.

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