Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

The outbreak of COVID-19 is causing a challenging time for all.
Don’t let your business be affected.
Let us help with your business continuity planning now.

Move in steps

Step 1


  • Select your package
  • Inform us of any custom requirements
  • Confirm pricing & terms

Step 2


  • Execute letter of engagement
  • Pay initial payment

Step 3


  • Pay monthly reserve fee
  • Renew as necessary

Step 4

Move in

  • Execute pre-agreed service contract
  • Pay remaining balance
  • Move in on agreed date

Alternative short-term workplaces
during an emergency

Minimise the loss of business revenue by keeping operations and productivity high

Uninterrupted operational and customer service support

Separate workforce into small groups at different sites to minimise disruption in case of emergency

Inspire confidence with your clients that your business continuity is assured

Business continuity
plan packages


  • 3-7 days move in
  • Basic setup*
  • Wifi only
  • First available location


  • 7-14 days move in
  • Basic setup*
  • Wifi / wired internet
  • Choose your building


  • 14-28 days move in
  • Custom setup
  • Custom internet setup
  • Choose your building