The Freelance Life: How Coworking Spaces will Help You on the Long Run

If you’re a freelancer and you think that all you need to make money is a laptop, an idea, and a cup of coffee, you might be thinking wrong.

As a freelance creator, you’re going to need another component within your business that most would individual creators usually oversee – which is – a suitable place to work. Now you may consider working at home on your couch and coffee table, or your study room might do the trick, but if you really explore what’s out there, you could benefit way much more than what working at home could offer.

If you feel like you’re not a big fan of a being in a busy office, nor having the feeling of isolation while working alone, coworking spaces are an ideal middle ground between the two.

Coworking spaces – which are also known as flexible offices – have been booming all over the world, and this shows that their spaces are more about the people inhabiting them than the actual space itself. A community, which is a word that is thrown around a lot in the discussion of a coworking space, could also work as your own little support system while you’re at work. Of course, you can stay at home and spend hours on the net, looking for answers to the questions related to your business; but if you surround yourself within a community of various backgrounds, you could work twice as effective because you’ll be working in an inspiring workspace, with resources and other forms of help right at your fingertips.

Before landing yourself in a coworking space and signing off that membership agreement (make sure you have one!), familiarize your choices based on a number of criteria such as: your goals while working in the space, the feel of the location, the financial cost of becoming a member, and the vibe of the coworkers. All these aspects will impact the way you work, and also the additional work that may come your way with time.

As soon as you find the right spot, the next best thing to do is to connect with the members within the coworking space. Don’t just stop at asking what they do, or where they’re from! Find out about their time-saving tips, recommendations for the best lunch spots, ideas and opinions for your next project, and get yourself into many more engaging conversations.

Everyone has been through their very own day one. Hence, more often than not, they’ll be keen to help you out in adjusting to the environment– which would make your experience easier than theirs. Furthermore, several other freelancers, managers, and staff that rent in coworking spaces certainly have their own stories and histories that they’d be happy to share, so don’t be shy to connect with them on a personal level!

Other than engaging with the community, coworking spaces also organize various in-house events and workshops that would possibly fit your interests. You’ll be able to keep yourself up-to-date with the current happenings around the city, which would consequently lead to a good time and an awesome way to help build your own network as well.
Also, for a freelancer, a coworking environment can be a great place to meet new potential clients. Due to the fact that most coworking spaces also host startup companies, and large corporations that encourage their staff to work off-site in such spaces, there is bound to be a lot of potential clients popping in throughout the day.

A few other ways that coworking spaces could benefit you are by making sure the snacks are always stocked up, the coffee and teas are always available, and the space is kept clean without you having to worry about anything.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and venture the coworking spaces around your area, as it might just be the perfect solution in giving an extra boost to your freelancing business.

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