Practical steps to creating the right reception

Many organisations have a tendency to neglect visitor-friendly décor. Whether you’re a creative agency, a finance office, or a local doctor’s surgery, designing a welcoming reception area makes a massive impact on a visitor’s first impression of the company.

In this post, we take a look at why the reception area is so important, before looking at some practical steps you can take to improve it.

Future of Wellness, Kota Damansara

The Benefits of a Fantastic Reception

Think of your office reception as your shop-front. It should set the tone for the whole of your business. The reception is your chance to make the right first impression with clients, visitors and employees – so you better make it count!

Having a clean, tidy and well-designed reception, run by a friendly, welcoming member of staff can help to:

  • Ensure that clients and customers see your business as professional
  • Promote productivity – improving the attitude and work ethic of staff members
  • Create a positive atmosphere in the office
  • Improve organisation
  • Increase sales, customer service and business performance

Whilst every organisation is different, there are a few guidelines that every business can follow when creating reception areas.

1. Separate the space

The first step is to ensure you have a dedicated area for your reception. Ideally, this should be in a separate room, away from the rest of your office. This will help to minimise the distractions and potential disruption caused by visitors to your business.

2. Get the right desk

Every reception needs a desk, and investing in the right, high quality product is vital. Not only will it provide a place for your receptionist to work from, it will also provide a focal point to the room, and act as a design piece in its own right.

At H Space, we offer a modular range of reception desk, which can be used either on their own or together to suit the size and shape of your reception area. We can also customize it with your company logo for maximum effect.

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3. Make things comfortable

Seating is another integral part of any reception area. Having a dedicated area where your visitors and potential customers can sit and wait until you’re ready to see them will make them feel welcome.

The right visitor seating can also enhance the look of the space, and complement your company branding. You’ll find a wide range of chairs at H Space, in a range of colours, designs, and price points to match your office, budget and corporate identity.

A coffee table complete with some trade and lifestyle magazines, or a television screen can help to provide entertainment to keep them busy until you’re ready for them.

4. Making the right impression

The reception area is a great place to promote your brand values and achievements. Hanging award certificates, photographs, and posters promoting your business and products in your reception area can be an effective sales tool.

You might also want to leave a copy of your company newsletter or magazine on display, so visitors can learn more about what’s going on in your business. If you’ve got any PR materials or recent news articles in relevant publications, leaving them on your reception table is a great way to promote your brand

Future of Wellness, Kota Damansara

5. Staffing matters

The most important part of the reception area is the receptionist. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to overlook, and it’s amazing to see just how many businesses staff their reception area with untrained temps or the office junior!

The receptionist is a customer-facing role, so choose someone who’s friendly, efficient and organised – they’re the first person potential customers will see when they arrive at your office.

If you would like to have the perfect reception area for your office, H Space is here to help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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