Is standing desk actually good for you?

Standing desk aren’t new, but recently they’ve been touted as a panacea to oversitting ills. Humans developed a lumbar curve because we’re bipedal, so working upright must be healthy, right?

Research shows that working upright can help correct poor posture and tone your stomach and legs, all without ruining your focus, as well as increase energy and reduce hunger. But being on your feet for too long poses its own risks: it inhibits proper circulation and adds pressure to your hips, legs, and spine, which damages joints and increases lower-back pain. And, unfortunately, research shows that sitting once or twice throughout the day won’t offer relief.

Are you looking for the right chairs for your office?

Our review process is a simple process but each step is in-depth and critical for us to make informed recommendations for our clients.

While we do have extensive experience in office furniture, standing desks, chairs and stools we also tap our network of experts, doctors, and chiropractors to get an understanding of what our bodies need in a chair or stool paired with your standing desk. This is especially important for office furniture that enables you to sit. When seated, your spine endures much more stress than when standing. Having proper support, while still enabling movement is key.

Once we’ve established a foundation of what to look in a chair or stool for a standing desk we then survey the market and create a list of manufacturers and models for us to consider. This list is then refined by customer reviews, features, and price point to generate the list of products we will try to review in person.

Our team spent test the chairs and stools in our own offices to provide unbiased reviews so that you can decide which chair or stool will work best for you. Here are our criteria and what we’ve found to be important when considering a standing desk stool or chair.

  • Stability – Most leaning chairs and tools have a single tube supporting the seat. With the high pressure applied when leaning, it’s important for the stool to be stable and confidence-inspiring.
  • Height Adjustment – Just like the standing desks these are often paired with, you will want to adjust the height to your exact posture needs.
  • Seat Comfort – fairly self-explanatory, we look for seat surfaces that are forgiving and ergonomic.
  • Design – This is a little subjective but design matters. We see a wide variety of design and quality in the standing chair and stool market. Some are very boldly designed and others are more generic.
  • Quality – What is the fit and finish like? Is it going to last? What areas, if any, are likely to fail with continued use? We ask ourselves these questions when reviewing any product.
  • Overall Value – Value is always very important to us. Our definition of value is getting the most benefit from the stool or chair for money spent.

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